The Best Rentals for Lake Powell Vacation Thrill Seekers

 vacation thrill seekers at Antelope Point Marina

Lake Powell is a well-known playground for adrenaline junkies. With miles upon miles of open water, the possibilities of thrilling adventures are endless. Whether you’re looking to spend your entire vacation with adrenaline pumping through your veins, or you don’t mind a little downtime, we’ve got some of the best rentals for Lake Powell vacation thrill seekers at Antelope Point Marina.




For the ultimate adrenaline rush, nothing quite compares to cruising 50-60 mph along the massive surface of Lake Powell. A thrill-seeker’s dream, the powerboat offers up not only incredible speed, but also a chance to break out your wakeboard and skis. With its long list of amenities, rooster tail, and wakeboard tower, this boat is ideal for those looking to take their lake day to the next level.


Personal Watercraft


Personal watercrafts are a must for any adventure junkie. With the freedom of cruising at top speeds nearly anywhere on the lake, renting a personal watercraft is the perfect choice to complement any lake vacay. At Antelope Point Marina, we carry several personal watercrafts to satisfy your need for speed. Plus, they’re great for family bonding time, as they carry up to two adults at a time--double the fun!


Deck Boat


Renting a deck boat guarantees the best of both worlds. Whether you’re planning on hauling a tube at 25-30 mph or simply skimming the water with seven of your closest friends, this boat is ideal for doing just that. Our 26’ deck boat is popular among families who are looking for a day-use boat that will cover all the bases.  


Even the most energetic thrill-seeker must take some time to rest in between activities. That’s where a houseboat comes in handy. Instead of heading home or to a campsite for the evening, enjoy an evening or two on the water in your own home away from home. Learn more about renting one of our houseboats on Lake Powell by visiting our website or calling 1-800-255-5561.

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