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The arrival of warmer weather signifies the approach of a well-known excuse to splurge on a vacation—Spring Break. At Antelope Point Marina, we recommend that families and friends make the most out of their experience by renting a houseboat on Lake Powell, making it easy to explore one of the nation’s most beautiful natural environments.

Houseboat Rentals on Lake Powell

Nestled within the Navajo Nation and the adventure-filled Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, the houseboat of your dreams awaits at Antelope Point Marina. Conveniently situated on the Lake Powell’s southwest shore, we are ideally situated just seven miles from Page, Arizona. You don’t need to be an expert boater, but you do need a strong arm and a willingness to learn from our team.

We offer an array of houseboat rentals on Lake Powell available in eight different models with all the comforts of home. All of our houseboats are equipped with a BBQ grill, full kitchen, a water slide for quick dis-embarkments into the cooling water and much more. Those who really want to splurge can opt for upgraded models replete with hot tubs, DirecTV or a wet bar.

Airplane Tours of Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines offers several aerial tours, but a visitor favorite worth treating yourself to is the Rainbow Bridge National Monument Tour that also crosses Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam. This small-group airplane tour lasts 35-minutes and departs from the Page Municipal Airport located just minutes from the marina. See one of the world’s largest natural bridges and other sites in the region from a birds-eye view on this one-of-a-kind Spring Break experience.

Summit Tower Butte by Helicopter

Thanks to a partnership between Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters and the Navajo Nation, visitors have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stand on the top of Tower Butte. This stone skyscraper rises 5000 feet (1.52 km) above sea level, and the top is only accessible by helicopter. However, panoramic views await thrill seekers after traversing across the Navajo territory and Lake Powell.

Upon landing on Tower Butte, be prepared for some of the most incredible views in the world. See sights including the Grand Staircase, Echo Cliffs, the Kaiparowits Plateau and Lake Powell like you’ve never seen them before. In fact, few people have ever set foot here, making this a particularly splurge-worthy experience.

Go ahead and book your Spring Break houseboat adventure today with Antelope Point Marina to ensure you get the dates and boat amenities you want most.

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How to Have Spring Break at Lake Powell

There's something about spring break that delights people of all ages. For young students, it's an opportunity to escape the doldrums of the academic life and to live it up before hitting the books at the end of the semester. For families, it's an easy way to celebrate surviving yet another winter, and to kick-start a season of carefree fun.


Regardless of your age or stage of life, you'll find that Lake Powell is one of the best places to visit for your spring break.


Here's how to have spring break at Lake Powell:


Rent a Houseboat


Waterfront destinations have long been a favorite among spring breakers. But why settle for a hotel with a view when you can spend your entire trip on the water? At Lake Powell, you can rent a houseboat from Antelope Point Marina for the duration of your spring break. It's basically a floating hotel, with amenities that rival those found at luxury resorts in the most popular destinations.


Don't Forget Watercraft Rentals


While you'll surely have a great time splashing in the surf off the deck of your houseboat, you won't want to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a new adventure on Lake Powell. You can add watercraft rentals to your houseboat rental, allowing you to fully enjoy the lake. It's the perfect time of year to consider booking a jet ski or kayak, because the crowds are smaller during this season and the lake is calm.


Bring Plenty of Friends


Spring break trips are more enjoyable and more memorable when you bring along all of your friends and family members! With houseboats of every size, you can book a trip for all of the kids on the sports team or for all of your friends from the sorority. No one has to be left out of this remarkable vacation on Lake Powell.


During springtime, the air is getting warmer while the water is still cool and refreshing. It's the time of year when water levels are highest, which makes for excellent boating. Forget the resorts and the overcrowded beaches this spring break. Instead, book a trip to Lake Powell for this year's spring break. For more information, contact Antelope Point Marina today.

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Where to Anchor and Explore on your Lake Powell Houseboat Lake Powell isn’t your typical country lake. Check out an aerial view (or Google Maps) and you’ll see an undulating, river-like body of water with branches that stretch out like tangled tree roots. Because the lake has so many nooks and crannies—96 named slot canyons in total!—houseboating is particularly popular here. As you pilot your Forever Houseboat around the next corner, keep an eye out for these popular spots to drop your anchor and explore.  


Ready for an epic Lake Powell houseboating adventure? With over 2000 miles of shoreline to explore, there’s no time to waste. Check out our eight different houseboat models and start your reservation at Antelope Point Marina today.

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How to Stay Warm on your Lake Powell Boat Rental woman in blanketLake Powell is one of the best lakes to visit in the winter time. Although temperatures do drop fairly low in December, January and February, it is possible to stay comfortable and cozy during the cooler months. Here are some tips from our staff at Forever Houseboats on how to stay warm on your Lake Powell boat rental.


Bring along an electric heater


A small, portable electric heater like these ones can warm up your space in no time. Make sure to keep it within sight and not too close to anything (including yourself) to avoid any potential harm. One or two of these will work just fine depending on how big your boat is.


Pack a couple fuzzy throw blankets


You can never have enough warm throw blankets laying around in the wintertime. They’re the easiest to throw on and off depending on the level of warmth you’re looking for. Pack a couple of these (maybe two per person) for extra comfort.


Buy disposable hand warmers


Disposable hand and feet warmers are a great way to keep warm when your gloves just aren’t cutting it. We like the disposable ones because they aren’t bulky and can be easily tucked inside your pocket or shoes.


Stock up on the warm beverages


Insulated tumblers filled with hot coffee, soup, chicken broth, or just about anything you can sip on, can help warm you from the inside out. Fill up a couple of these tumblers and keep them nearby for a quick sip to subside the chill.


Cuddle up


There’s no denying that shared body heat can help keep you warm during a brisk day on the lake. Cuddle up to your loved one, or simply sit near your friends for a little extra warmth.


Layer your clothes


Last but not least, we suggest layering your clothes. Some items to wear (or bring along just in case) include a long sleeve shirt, pants, beanie or hat, two pairs of socks, boots, sweatshirt, warm jacket and a wind breaker.


Want to rent a boat this winter at Lake Powell, but don’t want to face the cold all day long? Rent a houseboat instead! At Antelope Point Marina, our fleet of modern houseboats are designed for year-round use. Fully equipped with heating, a kitchen, and indoor and outdoor dining areas, our houseboats are as comfortable in January as they are in July.


Give us a call today at 1-800-255-5561 or visit us online to learn more.

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​Things to Do at Lake Powell This Winter Cool breeze. Quiet surroundings. Calm waters. A Lake Powell vacation in the winter can be quite the serene experience. Unlike summer, the busiest season for the lake, winter on the water means better fishing conditions and more hiking opportunities. At Antelope Point Marina, we know that the fun doesn’t stop after Labor Day weekend. Here are a few of our favorite things to do at Lake Powell during the winter months.


Rent a Houseboat


The best way to enjoy a Lake Powell vacation in the winter is by renting a houseboat. You and your family can spend quality time together away from the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season. In fact, we have many families who prefer to spend their holidays on a houseboat. With a fully equipped kitchen and grill onboard, you can whip up an easy holiday feast in no time. Thinking about spending your Thanksgiving at Lake Powell? We talk about how to prepare your meal on a houseboat in this post.


Other fun wintertime activities while on a houseboat vacation include; a campfire on the beach, stargazing, fishing, hiking, sightseeing and more.




Houseboating and fishing go hand and hand. Both are great ways to relax and unwind while enjoying nature. Worried the fish won’t bite this time of year? Nonsense. Lake Powell is known to have great fishing all year long, no matter the temperature. Cast your reel off the back of your boat and you could catch various types of bass, walleyes and crappies. Make sure to obtain an Arizona fishing license and pack your tackle box before you head out.




Fall and winter are the best times to hike around Lake Powell. The weather has finally cooled off making the several-mile hikes much more tolerable. We encourage those adventurous spirits to go on at least one hike in the area, as there are many to choose from. Whether you’re headed to the lake to spend a few days on the water, or merely stopping by for a short day trip, you won’t find sights comparable to those of the canyons and monuments nearby.


To help you narrow down your “must-see” list, we recommend the following…


Destinations you can reach by boat:

rainbow bridge national monument

reflection canyon

hole in the rock

Destinations you can reach by vehicle:

horseshoe bend

antelope canyon

glen canyon dam

hanging garden hike

With so many things to do on and around Lake Powell this winter, why not make a couple-day vacation out of it? Antelope Point Marina offers houseboat, watercraft and pontoon boat rentals for your enjoyment. Give us a call at 1-800-255-5561 to begin your reservation today.

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How to Plan Your Houseboat Trip Around Lake Powell Weather

There’s really no bad time to visit Lake Powell. For the most part, the weather is warm enough all year long to enjoy a sunny day on the top deck of your houseboat with friends and family. In the summer, records show that temperatures can reach up to 99 °F, making the water nice and warm for water sports and swimming. However, in the winter, temps can drop as low as 27 °F at night, so you’ll want to plan accordingly.


Here are some steps for planning your houseboat trip around Lake Powell weather.


Step 1: Determine what activities you want to do


There’s no better way to plan your houseboat trip around Lake Powell weather than to determine what activities you want to do. You wouldn’t want to plan your houseboat trip in the middle of summer if you want to hike around all day. You also wouldn’t want to swim in January (unless you have a wetsuit perhaps).


To help you decide what time of year you should visit, we’ve rounded up a few examples of activities and provided the best time to make your reservation.


If you like to’s best to visit when the weather is cooler. Typically, the best months to hike are September, October and November because the temperatures are milder and there aren’t too many people on the trails.


If you like to fish…you can visit any time of the year. Certain fish are more active than others at times, so it’s important to do your research before you finalize your plans.


If you want to swim…it’s best to visit when the weather is hot. Summer is the best time to swim because the water is warm and the sun is shining most of the time. The best months to swim are June and July.


If you want to catch the best sunsets…again, the best time to visit is in the warmer months (May – August), when the days are longer and the sunsets are unbeatable.


Step 2: Decide if you want to avoid the crowds


Holiday weekends, spring break, and summertime are some of the busiest times to visit Lake Powell. If you’re looking for a more tranquil experience, we suggest booking your reservation when the weather is cooler (October – February).


Step 3: Check for special offers


No matter what time of year you plan on visiting, make sure to check out our special offers page or give us a call to see what deals we are currently running.


At Antelope Point Marina, we offer some of the best houseboating experiences on Lake Powell. Whether you’re looking to swim, hike or relax on the deck and watch a sunset, it’s best to plan around Lake Powell weather to get what you want out of your trip. Visit our website to learn more.

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Take the Best Photos at These Lake Powell Canyons

Whether you’re a professional photographer or not, these Lake Powell canyons are worth capturing. While some canyons are flocked by visitors, others are tucked away in quiet secluded areas. It’s up to you which you’d rather explore. Here’s a look at some of our favorite canyons to take the best photos at.


Antelope Canyon


antelope canyon


One of the most highly visited slot canyons in the southwest, Antelope Canyon is our favorite place to take photos near Lake Powell. It’s located near Page, AZ on Navajo Nation land, close to AZ 98 a few miles east of town (at milepost 299). Not only is it extremely beautiful, but it’s also easily accessible…so you won’t have to hike far. Visit at just the right time of day, and you may even capture a ray of sunshine beaming down through the opening above. Keep in mind there is a fee to enter this land.  


Navajo Canyon (Chaol Falls)


navajo canyon


Upstream from Antelope Point Marina, Navajo Canyon is the longest side canyon of Lake Powell that isn’t considered a river arm. This canyon is unique in that some of its walls as covered in ancient petroglyphs (a great photo op). You’ll want to approach this canyon by boat, perhaps a Forever Houseboat, and then hop on a smaller boat to maneuver into part of the canyon where you’ll get off and hike the rest of the way.


Labyrinth Canyon


labyrinth canyon


Located on Padre Bay, Labyrinth Canyon is a beautiful but narrow and twisty hike. We advise you to bring your boat up as close as possible. However, you’ll eventually need to kayak or stand-up paddleboard once you approach the entrance (so make sure to bring your waterproof camera case). After a few minutes in the slot, you should be able to touch both sides of the canyon when you extend your arms out. The hike is only about 30 minutes one-way, so don’t worry about packing a ton of supplies. To help you better prepare for this hike, we found a great blog that describes in detail how to navigate the canyon.


Lake Powell is full of amazing canyons that are perfect for photography. For more information about vacationing at Lake Powell, call 800-255-5561 or visit us online today.

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​ Why Lake Powell Is Perfect For Families

Wondering where to go for your next family vacation? Why not head to the lake that USA Today called “one of the best vacation spots in the United States for water sports and boating” – Lake Powell. At Forever Houseboats, we rent houseboats to families all year long at our Antelope Point Marina on Lake Powell. While there are countless reasons families love the lake, we’ve compiled our top 3 right here:

1. Amazing Water Recreation

With water temperatures over 70° Fahrenheit during the busy summer months, Lake Powell is the ideal location for a wide array of water sports. Every houseboat in our Forever Fleet is equipped with a waterslide. Kids and the young at heart love to careen down the slide and land with a splash in the lake. Many families choose to add a powerboat to their houseboat rental for other water sports such as tubing and waterskiing. Lake Powell’s wide-open stretches of water are perfect for both experienced and beginning waterskiers.

2. Expansive Shoreline

Nearly 2,000 miles of shoreline surround Lake Powell, including a seemingly infinite number of coves and sandy beaches. Even during the busiest summer weeks, it’s possible to find a quiet, secluded spot to secure your houseboat. As a result, it is easy to go for a family hike, build sandcastles, play a game of volleyball on the beach, or simply relax along the shore. Lake Powell offers ample outdoor recreation for all generations.

3. Home Away From Home, on the Water

Our Forever Fleet houseboats are designed with all the comforts of home. The fully equipped kitchen and gas grill make it easy to enjoy all your favorite home cooked meals on Lake Powell. Separate bedrooms in the houseboat cabin make it easy for young kids to nap out of the heat. With the included TV/DVD player, you can enjoy a family movie night – complete with microwave popcorn.

This summer, plan an unforgettable vacation the whole family will love with a Lake Powell houseboat rental from Antelope Point Marina. For a limited time, take advantage special savings with our “Choose Your Fun” package. Contact us today for more information or to book your Lake Powell houseboat.

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​7 Reasons To Book A 7-Day Lake Powell Houseboat Vacation At Antelope Point Marina, we believe there’s no such thing as too much time on the lake. Between the stunning natural beauty and variety of recreational activities available, there’s so much to see and do on Lake Powell. No matter how long you stay, we expect you’ll wish you had more time. 

Here are our top 7 reasons to take a 7-day houseboat vacation on Lake Powell:

1. Lake Powell is Huge

Lake Powell is the second largest man-made lake on the North American continent. At nearly 200 miles long, it has 1,960 miles of shoreline. If you want to go see all that Lake Powell as to offer, you’ll definitely need at least week.

2. Rainbow Bridge National Monument

One of the largest natural bridges in the world, the Rainbow Bridge National Monument is a must-see on any vacation to Lake Powell. Our Antelope Point Marina is the closest marina on Lake Powell to this amazing natural wonder.

3. Amazing Swimming 

During the summer months, the water temperature at Lake Powell can exceed 80 degrees. Every houseboat in our Forever Fleet comes equipped with a waterslide that brings out the kid in all of us. So jump or slide on in – the water is amazing!

4. Kayaking

With nearly 100 side canyons, Lake Powell is full of quiet secluded spots inaccessible to larger boats. Glide across the sparkling lake waters and get up close to breathtaking red rocks of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

5. Fishing

Known for its abundant bass, Lake Powell offers fantastic sport fishing. When you stay for 7 days, it is easy to spend a full day (or more) fishing. Be sure to utilize the full kitchen on your houseboat to prepare your catch for an amazing dinner.

6. Antelope Point Marina Village

Did you know our Antelope Point Marina includes a full-service restaurant and lounge right on the water? Skip cooking for a night and enjoy a relaxing meal off the boat and visit the Jadi To‘oh Restaurant for an amazing dinner (the Gorgonzola Steak Salad is a dish we love). Or, if you’d prefer, you can place an order to go and pick it up before heading back out on the water.

7. You Deserve It!

The hustle and bustle of daily life keeps us all busy. A longer vacation gives you the chance to truly unwind. Let the stressors of the every day fall away as you relax amidst the bright blue skies and vibrant red cliffs of Lake Powell.

This summer, when you come to Lake Powell, why not stay awhile? At Antelope Point Marina, our summer dates are filling fast, so the time is now to book your 7-day houseboat vacation. For more information or to make your reservation, contact us today.  

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Beyond The Beaches Of Lake Powell

When most people think of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, they think of Lake Powell. Here at Antelope Point Marina, we get it; not only is it the second largest manmade lake in North America, Lake Powell is an amazing lake for houseboating and a wide array of other water-based recreational activities.

But believe it or not, Lake Powell is only a small portion of the beauty and recreation that Glen Canyon National Recreation has to offer. Here are two of our favorite things to check out at Glen Canyon, beyond the beaches of Lake Powell.

Rainbow Bridge

Over 200,000 people per year visit Rainbow Bridge. Considered sacred by Native American Tribes in the Glen Canyon area, the bridge is an awe-inspiring feat of nature. Standing 290 feet tall and spanning an astounding 275 feet cross the creek channel, Rainbow Bridge is one of the largest known natural bridges in the world. The bridge isn’t the only amazing geological feature in the area. If you look closely in the second viewing area, you can see a single dinosaur footprint in the sandstone. Likely made by a Dilophosaurus, this fossilized footprint is close to 200 million years old.

Lees Ferry

White water rafters currently launch their boats not far from the historic site where the first ferryboat crossed the Colorado River on January 11, 1873. Lees Ferry continued in operation until 1928, helping miners, pioneers, Native Americans, and tourists cross the Colorado. The historic buildings near the ferry site are worth the visit alone. They are what is left of the Lonely Dell Ranch, home to the operators of the Lees Ferry and their families. The historic site includes a stone ranch house, log cabins, an orchard, and a cemetery.

With over 1.25 million acres to explore, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is more than just Lake Powell. When you rent a Forever Houseboat from Antelope Point Marina, you can not only enjoy the lake, but also the historic sites and geological wonders at Glen Canyon. For more information or to book your houseboat, contact us today.

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Lake Powell at Antelope Point | One of the Best Lakes for Houseboats

Lake Powell has been named one of the best lakes for houseboats in the United States by Condé Nast Traveler and Houseboat Magazine readers. What is it about Lake Powell at Antelope Point that brings visitors back year after year? At Forever Houseboats, we have a hard time trying to pin it down to just one thing. But we have a few ideas as to why families, couples, and friends all love houseboating on Lake Powell.

Stunning Geological Formations

Lake Powell is located within the 1.2 million acres of Colorado Plateau that make up the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Striking red cliffs, impressive sheer canyon walls, seemingly impossible arches and numerous buttes, all combine to create the breathtaking and unique landscape that surrounds Lake Powell. Antelope Point Marina is conveniently located to some of Powell’s most famous landmarks. Adjacent to Navajo and Antelope Canyons, Antelope Point Marina is the closest land-based marina to the Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

Expansive Water and Shorelines

More than 150 miles long, Lake Powell is the second largest man-made lake in North America. Nearly 2.5 million people visit Glen Canyon every year, and many of these visitors come for Lake Powell. With over 90 side canyons and close to 2,000 miles of shoreline, it is not too difficult to find a quiet beach or cove all to yourself.

Fantastic Fishing

Prior to the creation of Lake Powell, this section of the Colorado River was inhospitable to most species of fish. After the Glen Canyon was built, the National Park Service worked carefully to build up the dwindling populations of native fish first. A few of the sport fish at Lake Powell, such as the walleye, sunfish, and carp, were developed from stock that existed elsewhere in the Colorado River during the construction of the dam. Other non-native fish species, such as the largemouth bass and black crappie, were introduced to provide the exceptional recreational fishing available at Lake Powell today.

These are just a few of the reasons why Lake Powell is one of the best lakes for houseboats. But you don’t need to take our word for it. Find out for yourself with a Lake Powell houseboat vacation. Contact us today to book your reservation.

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Stargazing at Lake Powell

If you're an astronomy enthusiast or have a love for astrophotography, visiting Lake Powell in late July to mid-August will be a great time to catch a glimpse of the night sky. Sitting away from major light pollution from busy cities, Lake Powell is the perfect spot to catch some of the best meteor showers for the year. Find out more about these meteor showers and plan your visit to see these spectacular views of the night sky.

Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower

A couple of hours before dawn in late July to early August, the Delta Aquarids will be showering the sky near the constellation of Aquarius. Viewing this meteor shower before dawn will be best for viewing as the moon will set around this point in the early morning. We do recommend planning your visit for the night when the new moon will be forming, but if you don't have a chance to do so, you'll want to plan for an early morning viewing of the meteors instead. The Delta Aquarids will fall anywhere from 15-20 times per hour and will stick around for a good while, providing many opportunities to see this amazing event for yourself.

Perseids Meteor Shower

The most anticipated meteor shower in the year in the Northern Hemisphere is the Perseids Meteor Shower. The anticipated peak date for this meteor shower will be August 12 but will likely run from August 10-13. Similar to the Delta Aquarids, the best time to view the Perseids will be before dawn due to the presence of the moon in the sky. The Perseids however, will produces about 50 to 100 meteors per hour in a dark sky at its peak time. Likely to radiate from the constellation Perseus the Hero, the meteors will be view-able throughout the entire night sky and, along with the continuing Delta Aquarid Meteor shower, will bring about a beautiful result of two coinciding meteor showers.

Plan your trip to Lake Powell in August now to catch a glimpse of these beautiful meteor showers for yourself. If you would like to learn more about various meteor showers and celestial events that you can see at at Lake Powell, visit

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5 Must See Spots in Page

Tourists come year round to visit Page, Arizona. Some come for the uniqueness of Antelope Canyon while others seek out Lake Powell for a relaxing getaway. What some don’t realize when taking this trip though is that you can visit for just a day and see many points of interest.

Lees Ferry

Just west of the Navajo Bride Interpretive Center is beautiful Lees Ferry. Sitting at the base of Marble Canyon, Lees Ferry is an extremely popular attraction for fly fisherman and other anglers as it is known as “The World’s Largest Spring Creek.” The Colorado River here is filled with wild rainbow trout and Lees Ferry reportedly had a great season for new fish spawning for this upcoming Spring and Summer season.

Horseshoe Bend

While fishermen work below catching trout, high above Lees Ferry is the Horseshoe Bend Overlook, one of the most popular photography spots in the world. This horseshoe-shaped meander is five miles to the south of Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell and lies within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  So take a quick detour from US Route 89 and take a #MyNatureSelfie when you see this spectacular view at Horseshoe Bend.

Upper Antelope Canyon Tour

The tour in Upper Antelope Canyon is a highly popular one due to the highly unique rock formations of Upper Antelope Canyon. After millions of years of erosion from water and wind, the beautiful red and pink Navajo sandstone has formed into one of the most astonishing sites in the world. This spot is a photographer’s dream and your tour guide will help you grab a spot in the canyon to get your perfect shot.

Lake Powell

You’ve gone through Lees Ferry made your way over to Horseshoe Bend and even took a tour through Antelope Canyon, now it’s time to make your way to Antelope Point Marina at Lake Powell and relax a bit. Head to the marina and down the main ramp to one of the largest floating restaurants, Ja’di’To’oh Restaurant. Settle down and enjoy an amazing fish entrée or even a burger in this beautiful restaurant before heading out to a boat on the lake. Any of our staff members at Lake Powell can help you can a small watercraft rental set up before you arrive at the arena so that it is ready to go once you arrive. From there feel free to explore all of the water accessible ways on Lake Powell and take in the gorgeous views.

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

While you are on the Lake, head north to the courtesy dock that is available for short-term docking while you make your two mile hike to Rainbow Bridge. Be sure to ask when you are making your boat reservation whether or not this portion of the lake is accessible as it may vary on the time of year. Other than that grab your hiking stick, camera, and a good pair of hiking boots and make your way to this incredible site.

As you make your way to all of these amazing spots around Page, Arizona, be sure to take your #MyNatureSelfie at all of these spots as they are all located within a National Park Area! Take your next great adventure to Page, Arizona and discover the beauty of these lands.

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Getting Connected It's time to start planning for the upcoming summer season and the big questions still need to be answered:
~Who's coming?
~What should we bring?
~When are we going?
and What should we rent?

The life questions still remain too:
~Are you so connected...
~That you feel disconnected...
~From what's important?

So take a quick read in this month's issue and find the "Right Balance," look into some real "Morning Traffic," and take care of your own "Family Business!" Thanks for reading!]]>
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