Lake Powell Visitor Information

Lake Powell Visitor Information

Lake Powell and the encircling Glen Canyon National Recreation Area are located in the spectacular high desert of the southwestern United States. The National Park is protected in its natural state by legislation and encompasses over 1,900 square miles of southern Utah and northern Arizona.

The cool azure blue waters of Lake Powell meander for 186 miles through majestic sandstone rock formations, towering canyon walls and vibrant red rock buttes. The shoreline is seemingly endless in scope, stretching for nearly 2,000 miles, a distance greater than the entire Pacific coast of the United States.

Average Air & Water Temperatures
•  Lake Powell, AZ/UT  •
Month High Low Water
Jan 45° 24° 44°
Feb 53° 31° 46°
March 61° 36° 55°
April 68° 43° 54°
May 80° 53° 64°
June 91° 62° 71°
July 97° 69° 78°
Aug 94° 67° 79°
Sept 85° 58° 67°
Oct 71° 47° 67°
Nov 55° 35° 61°
Dec 45° 25° 50°
All temps in Fahrenheit and averaged historically.
Sources: /

Lake Powell is an oasis, a crystal clear body of water framed by what many consider to be the most breathtaking landscape on earth. The allure for the untamed terrain and surprising solitude invites one back again and again.

Today's visitors find a myriad of recreational activity at Lake Powell. Hikers are free to explore wondrous nature trails, while boaters cruise the lake to explore her mysterious canyons and surrealistic rock formations. Those seeking excitement can skip across the water on jet or water skis and those looking for tranquility can cast a fishing line from the dock or a boat. There's literally something for everyone at Lake Powell.


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